Going from 0 to 100: New Fortune 1000 Firm’s Complete IT Infrastructure Operational in 6 Months

Background and Challenge

With more than a billion dollars in revenue, a Healthcare Analytics firm was a brand new, nearly Fortune 1000 company on its first day of operations, having been spun out of a Fortune 500 parent. Becoming fully independent quickly was the CEO's primary strategic mandate. IT had to build complete enterprise capability in six months.

Given a fresh start, the CIO aimed to use the latest technologies and delivery approaches, including Salesforce.com, Office365 and ServiceNow. IT understood the power of the ServiceNow platform and wanted it operational within 10 weeks so it could be used to help deploy and manage the new data center. Adding to the challenge, new policies and practices had to be created as the previous legacy, manual processes would not work for the new, agile company.

ServiceNow was selected for the power and functionality of its single platform and market-leading SaaS architecture and the flexibility and richness of its self-service, service catalog and service automation abilities.

Evergreen had a long, successful history working with the parent company's team and a deep understanding of the previous legacy environment. This, along with Evergreen's track record of delivering on time and on budget and knowledge of how to quickly create a new best practices state in ServiceNow, led Healthcare Analytics to engage Evergreen.

Evergreen's Approach

Time was of the essence given that an entirely new enterprise IT capability had to be in place within 6 months. The ITSM system had to be operational within 10 weeks.

Evergreen worked with the IT management team to understand and execute their key business needs. Four themes emerged.

  • Speed and Strategy. Reach initial operational state quickly AND provide a properly architected platform for future improvement.
  • Respect the Past but Embrace the Future. While like-for-like functionality had to be supported, every opportunity to simplify and use state-of-the-art capabilities and best practices was to be aggressively pursued.
  • Improve Quality of Data and Work Speed. Establish a single system of record for data, streamline and automate core processes.
  • Automate the Change. Engage the system users to adopt a new process and way of working quickly.

Given the immediate availability and the power to go from thought to creation rapidly in the ServiceNow platform, Evergreen used an agile deployment methodology with short release cycles and ServiceNow's social capabilities to engage the user community in designing and testing the solution from Day One. The user community got excited by seeing firsthand the potential of the new platform and got actively involved.

Built on its depth of ITIL experience and practical best practices, Evergreen designed, configured and deployed an initial operational solution with Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration, CMDB and Service Catalog elements in 10 weeks.

Outcome and Benefits

The client's ITSM functionality went from 0 to 100 in 10 weeks, becoming fully operational on a new "single source of truth" platform.

  • The platform is in place to drive the data center migration. Data center activities, moves, adds and changes can be requested through the Service Catalog, distributed and executed via change management and tracked through the new CMDB, all using workflow automation.
  • New best practices/policies are operational. A complete, new set was developed quickly and in parallel with the technology implementation, given Evergreen's past experience with the client and proven best practices consulting toolkit.
  • Service Catalog and Service Automation are transformative. With a new platform paradigm making it much easier, end-to-end automation of request and work are happening quickly. Server positioning, security and access rights, and new employee onboarding are examples. Finance and HR are also involved as the workflow automations go beyond just IT activities.
  • Single Source of Truth improves decision making. The required population of predefined relevant data (CI) fields as workflows are executed step by step is creating an accurate, interconnected "single source of truth" CMDB for the first time, with no additional workload. This is improving and automating compliance with HIPAA requirements, improving IT decision making, speeding root cause analysis and spotlighting other areas where IT can make improvements quickly.
  • Pace of organizational change drives a new reality. The power of the platform to go from thought to creation very quickly, the user involvement from the start and the agile approach to operational deployment of new functionality have ignited a new spirit and sense of urgency as to what IT can do in a very short period of time.

When asked about Evergreen's value, the client said, "We had a truly ominous deadline that could not stand a delay. Our past experience with Evergreen and their knowledge of our business gave us peace of mind that they would get it done, and done right. Anyone can implement technology. Evergreen led us and guided us, as only a company with deep subject matter experience in policy, process and technology can do."

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