This is not your typical workshop

Does your organization know what software and hardware it owns and where it is? Are you struggling with software audits? When something fails, can you quickly identify and restore the impacted services? When you make data center changes, do you know what is affected? Do you have a reliable and complete store of IT decision-making data?

IT organizations, operating in today’s complexity of systems, managed services, cloud, virtualization and mobility, need to know their asset and configuration state or all IT decision making suffers.

Evergreen’s private, on-site Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) Workshop educates your team on SACM fundamentals and helps your IT organization map a plan for the future.

The morning session educates you on SACM essentials and establishes your current baseline and maturity. The afternoon builds on that with exploration for an advanced, possible future state and discussion of your challenges and opportunities, Then, as a team, we review a typical three-phased road map and work together to reconfigure it for your specific needs. The day wraps up with an executive-level briefing of findings, recommendations and directions.

Your team spends the day with industry experts and works together to problem solve, test ideas, advance your knowledge and create a strategy for going forward. This one-day workshop can literally save you months of education and consensus building – rapidly accelerating your SACM program and sharpening its focus.



Managing asset and configuration data effectively creates something very powerful – an enterprise decision-making database.

The Evergreen SACM Workshop provides:

  • A full day of hands-on exposure to SACM strategies, lifecycles, processes and tools
  • Current state baseline and assessment
  • A high-level road map aligned with your needs
  • Team-based problem solving and solution development
  • Identification of key findings and quick wins
  • Clear recommendations and actions
  • A full day of coaching from our experienced consultants

Delivered at your location for only $3,950*. (Maximum 15 attendees)
*Travel included

Workshop Benefits

  • Gain a clear understanding of the difference between IT Asset and Configuration Management
  • Learn the nuances of managing hardware vs. software assets and assigning accountability for both
  • Create a high-level road map for an Asset and Configuration Management program that tracks assets from “cradle to grave” and provides accurate configuration data at the point of need
  • Learn how to eliminate costly software compliance penalties (providing quick ROI) by managing IT Assets
  • Create a common understanding of SACM principles, the challenges you face and a strategy for addressing them

With an understanding of SACM, attendees will learn how to…

  • Eliminate multiple, conflicting silos of asset data via a single repository of all IT assets
  • Facilitate easier reporting and analysis of the IT Asset and Configuration Taxonomy to make wellinformed decisions
  • Proactively manage software compliance, eliminating penalties and providing quick ROI
  • Leverage a base of configuration data to support key IT analysis and decision making


It gets you thinking and planning in the right direction. Tom B.

Great combination of process definition and practical implementation components. There is an impressive amount of detail. Aaron Z.

Easily crosses the bridge from theoretical to practical. Jim H.

Well worth the time to flatten out the learning curve as practical applications of SACM. Brian C.


(Service Asset and Configuration Management Private Workshop PDF Download)