You can get compliant with ServiceNow published technical best practices in the next 45 days – at no cost to you.  There is no better way to simplify and speed up your ServiceNow instance and make it easier to upgrade to a new version.

We recently launched a new, FREE tool for ServiceNow code quality auditing: The Evergreen Instance Analyzer (EIA).  It can be used daily to find and remediate ServiceNow code that is out of compliance with the published, technical best practices. It has the functionality of the ServiceNow ACE report, and a whole lot more.  Not only does it find everything out of compliance, it gives you a beautiful management dashboard to manage the remediation of the items – ensuring you do get to best practices

The EIA is a FREE scoped application on the ServiceNow Store.  Within 30 days of its introduction, it became the highest rated product to date, out of 423 free and paid apps on the Store!  We gave it all we've got to make it valuable for you.

So how can it be good AND free?  It's a way to introduce Evergreen Systems to you – and our unique ability to guarantee compliance with best practices. If you need help building better solutions on ServiceNow and you don't have a great partner, we’d sure like to talk with you. If not - you still get a great tool for free. 

Join CEO Don Casson, host of this webinar as we show how you can use it to help you improve the quality and performance of your ServiceNow instance by getting aligned with ServiceNow best practices, in as little as 45 days.

Hosted by Don Casson, CEO and Jeff Benedict, ITSM Practice Manager - Evergreen.