Webinar Recording and Slides  - Recorded live in July 2018.

ServiceNow Code Quality Best Practices

ServiceNow is large, complex and spans many domains – in and out of IT.  It is easy to develop quickly, and many have customized extensively, with a variety of employees and consultants. This can yield a patchwork quilt of code – complex, inefficient and very hard to upgrade. So much so that some actually consider a complete re-implementation! They have gone far beyond ServiceNow published code best practices.

Please join Evergreen as we explore the true impact and cost of poor code,  how to determine the quality of your code base, and how you can return to ServiceNow published best practices and a more out of the box ServiceNow solution. We will show how you can implement a simple, regular code quality audit approach so you can stop putting poor code into production.

We will also demo a new solution called the “Evergreen Instance Analyzer” which can quickly analyze your instance against ServiceNow best practices, identify the gaps and help you fix them. It has the functionality of the ServiceNow ACE report, and a whole lot more. Not only does it identify where you are out of compliance with best practices, it gives you a manager’s workspace where you can run multiple, targeted scans and actively track your progress as you fix identified problems.  It was developed from our experience working with our clients, and we are installing it for all of our clients now. 

If you are interested, the Evergreen Instance Analyzer with the ServiceNow best practices analysis is free.  We offer it as a way of introducing Evergreen and our approach to delivering better quality.