Emergency Response Applications

Organizations large and small are very busy managing their COVID-19 pandemic response. Employee safety and effective crisis response are top issues. To this end ServiceNow moved very quickly, and recently released 4 FREE Emergency Apps to help you leverage your ServiceNow platform to respond to the crisis.

SN Emergency Apps - Graphic

We were impressed – and dived in to see where we might help too. We were already creating a custom COVID-19 employee status reporting app for one customer. Based on this, and analysis of the ServiceNow Apps and ServiceNow Community suggestions, we saw where we might add even more value to the apps – and got to work!

ServiceNow Emergency Companion Apps: 
Free enhancements. Available NOW on the ServiceNow Store!

Focusing on the ServiceNow Emergency Self Report and the Emergency Exposure Management apps, we began enhancing the self-service interface, created a range of pre-built virtual agent topics, deepened exposure management impact details and calendar management, created a manager’s mobile interface in self reporting, created self-reporting tasks for employee COVID-19 health status changes and built enhanced reports / dashboards for COVID-19 lifecycle management. (See list of specific improvements here).

Following ServiceNow’s lead - these companion enhancements are totally FREE and available now as an update set that snaps right into the existing apps. Download your free Companion App from the ServiceNow Store today! (If you don’t know Evergreen, let us ease any concerns about quality: we have been Certified Scoped App developers for the ServiceNow Store since it began, and currently have the #1 rated app out of over 690 apps on the Store - the Evergreen Instance Analyzer for ServiceNow!) 


Rapid Installation Services for ServiceNow Emergency Apps

As a companion to Emergency Companion Apps, Evergreen has developed a rapid implementation approach specifically for the Self-Reporting and Emergency Exposure, fully installed and complete in 10 days or less.


On Demand WEBINAR: ServiceNow Emergency Apps - Managing Employee Health & Business Continuity

We cover emergency management best practices, demonstrate the enhanced Emergency Self-Reporting and Emergency Exposure Companion Apps along with a rapid, packaged implementation approach you can apply to get them fully operational in your organization in 10 days or less in this on demand webinar recorded in April, 2020.  Download and watch the recording here!