The quality of every IT service depends on reliable, predictable & extensible IT infrastructure.  So do reductions of severity 1 outages, simplification of IT through service portfolio planning and better aligning of IT services with business services.  

Effective IT infrastructure rests on a base of accurate & actionable decision support data.  This decision support data comes from the combination of event management, configuration management, asset management, discovery, application mapping, change management, service management, incident management and cost management. 

Many struggle to make progress with this, even after significant time and expense investment.  Reasons include:

  • Not clearly understanding the problem before working on the solution
  • Not establishing clear, business valuable goals up front
  • Lack of KPIs aligned with goals in all phases to provide accurate feedback on progress
  • Not starting small, with a pilot approach to learn lessons, solve key problems in people, process & technology and build a repeatable approach that works before expanding
  • Working not only “bottom up” but also “top down” to ensure business goals translate into the right IT actions
  • Justifying broader investment in a low risk way - based on actual outcomes and a logical, phased strategy

In this webinar we clearly identify the obstacles and how to overcome them along with a proven, step by step approach to success with IT Operations Management directly aligned with the value to the business. Includes demo and Q&A session.

 Recorded live on Jan 31, 2019.