While companies work hard to improve Service Desk support, most of it is old thinking – 1:1 human interactions.  While there is much talk on self-service and a lot of buzz around virtual agents and even artificial intelligence - there is little real progress, if measured by customer adoption.  For many, Knowledge Management – which powers this transformation - has great but unfulfilled potential for self-service.

And yet, doesn’t Amazon use “knowledge” to power nearly 100% self-service?

Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at the potential power of Knowledge, magnified by virtual agents / AI?  

Please join us as we apply the Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) principles to Knowledge Management in ServiceNow, and consider the following:

  • What is the true potential for knowledge today?
  • Why is it siloed and inconsistent in practice?
  • Why is it not used in self-service?
  • How can we drive a consistent and efficient enterprise approach to knowledge that will enable self-service?
  • How can newly emerging ServiceNow technologies like Virtual Agent magnify knowledge power?

 As always, we will demo some of the concepts discussed live in ServiceNow, and answer your questions during an interactive Q&A session.

This event is hosted by Don Casson, CEO of Evergreen and Jeff Benedict, ITSM Practice Manager.

Recorded on December 20, 2018.