Every 6 months ServiceNow releases a new version with a ton of improvements. If you are on an annual upgrade cycle, when you move to London, you will also need to consider the Madrid improvements.

That's great...but how do YOU get value from what's new? For many, they are so busy that they upgrade "like for like" and don't get the new functionality. For others, they aren't sure how to get there from where they are now. Still others struggle to understand the value to their business.

Please join us for this webinar on how to get value from your move to London. We will answer questions like:
  • Which are the most important innovations and why? How do you rank them?
  • Which ones should be applied in your business and why?
  • What is the gap between where you are and where you want to go? What are possible steps to resolve it?
  • What if any code quality issues do you need to address before migrating?

We will also demo the new, free Evergreen Instance Analyzer (EIA) which is currently the highest rated product in the ServiceNow Store.

Not only can EIA assess your ServiceNow code quality against ServiceNow technical best practices, it can also test key areas of your readiness to move to London - helping identify the gaps you need to bridge to adopt the latest innovations.