Getting Control Over Enterprise Software Licenses with ServiceNow SAM

Most organizations lack the ability to effectively track basic software inventory and entitlement data through the useful lifecycle of the assetsA number of stubborn obstacles stand in the way.

Understanding software owned is difficult as the contract data usually exists in many different repositories and forms throughout the organization. Knowledge of what is in use can be confusing as discovery technologies may yield redundant and conflicting data. Last, given software vendor licensing modelsit can be difficult to rationalize what you have with what you are licensed for.

With ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM), the hardest challenge – rationalizing – has been made manageable as SAM performs the rationalization for you. Given this, while getting source contract and discovery data accurate is still a challenge, it is now possible to get true control over enterprise software.

A durable enterprise SAM solution is based on a properly architected, end to end workflow enabled lifecycle solution including technology, process, governance and people roles & responsibilities. Successful SAM solutions rest on 3 interlinked goals: maintaining compliance, optimizing speed of service, and supporting software audits.

Evergreen's SAM implementation approach follows a standardized, progressive 4 tier capability blueprint, as follows:

  • Tier 1 – Trustworthy Data - know what you have so you can manage your assets
  • Tier 2 – Practical Management - improve management controls and drive immediate benefits
  • Tier 3 – Operational Integration - improve efficiency / effectiveness via integration with other areas (Request, Procurement, ITSM, etc.)
  • Tier 4 – Strategic Conformance - achieve best in-class capability

The financial and strategic benefits of effective enterprise software management save money, reduce risk, speed operational response and underpin better strategic decision making ability.


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