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Best Practices for Organizing Services in Your Service Catalog Webinar Slide Deck

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Manage hundreds of IT Services easily with a Service Taxonomy!

What services do we offer?  How do we organize them? How can we make them easy for our customers to find?  What is a good starting point?

Successful IT Service Catalogs have well organized Services.  The more Services you have, the more of a challenge this becomes. A good Service Taxonomy, or framework is the key to organizing and understanding your services well, and presenting them in a way your customers will be able to find and use them as well. 

Learn how to build a good Service Taxonomy in 3 logical steps, as well as 3 key mistakes to avoid.

In addition to a demo of our prebuilt Service Taxonomy, we will demonstrate these concepts in our constantly evolving view of a very advanced Employee Self-Service Portal & Catalog, built on ServiceNow technologies.

Run time is 60 minutes.