(IT Self-Service Plus Automation = MAGIC)

Event Slides and Recording

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It can be done. When banks introduced ATMs, customers were delighted AND the banks' workloads fell in half. Amazon, AirBNB, Zappos – all the modern customer experience companies are "lights-out" on the backend – by combining beautiful self-service with complete automation.  

ServiceNow is a great platform for building automated, workflow-enabled services. So why hasn’t IT done this yet? 

Please join CEO Don Casson to find out why, and how you can begin to change now:  creating beautiful self-service customer experiences AND lights-out automation.  

Joining Don is Jeff Benedict, ITSM Practice Leader, who will demonstrate the power of beautiful self-service and lights out automation, on Evergreen’s advanced Employee Self-Service Portal & Catalog, built on ServiceNow.

Event length is approximately 50 minutes.