Event Recording and Slides


Please complete the form on this page to access the PowerPoint slides (.pptx file) - includes presentation script - and a link to the recorded event. Presented live on April 21, 2016.

How can we consistently deliver lots of high quality IT Services over time?  

Delivering IT Services end to end is very different than delivering technical outcomes silo by silo, and many IT organizations lack practical skills & experience doing so.  

Through our study of this, we have found four BIG challenges in organizing & managing IT Services – Volume, Quality, Consistency and Durability. 

Please join us as we explore these 4 challenges, how they impact you, how you can address them and the high impact they can have when done right. Hosted by Don Casson, CEO and Jeff Benedict, ITSM Practice Leader, who will demo our constantly evolving view of a very advanced Employee Self–Service Catalog & Portal, built on ServiceNow technologies.