Audit Your Top 3 SaaS Titles & Recover Overspend in 1 Week

IT budgets are under pressure. Software Asset Management (SAM) can recover millions of dollars in overspend, but it can take too long - 6 months or more. What if it were possible to show significant value in one week?

Please join us for this webinar where we will share 3 levels of hard ROI recovery from a ServiceNow powered SAM program in less than six months.

Level 1 – with our rapid SaaS license recovery approach, we can show how to gather and analyze your top SaaS enterprise licenses - and immediately begin understanding your license state and reclaiming unused licenses, in one week.

Level 2 – with our ability to import your data and detect 65,000 types of shadow software purchases across 1,500 categories – we can give you detailed, actionable data on what shadow IT spending is costing your organization and what you can do about it – in 4 weeks.

Level 3 – with complete analysis and reconciliation of your portfolio of enterprise software titles, you can optimize spend, reduce waste and be fully compliant every day – preventing both external and internal audit and license surprises.

Our approach can uncover millions of dollars in savings annually and give you clear proof of ROI – providing you a firm value basis to underpin your strategic software asset management program.

As always, we will demonstrate these concepts in action in ServiceNow.

Recorded live on June 30, 2020