The ServiceNow Service Portal is visually clean & appealing. It would seem that employees would love it. But that’s not the case.

They tell us it is confusing to navigate, search doesn’t help them find what they need and self-service is essentially “fill in this form and tell us what you want.” Beyond that, they cannot check status of requests easily or at all; and finding self help such as knowledge, FAQs or self-service training is hit or miss -- as nothing is grouped together in any understandable fashion.

ServiceNow Service Portal out of the box is essentially a Request Portal -- so IT usually creates a very long, confusing list of requests, which the employees hate -- so they don’t use it. Does this feel familiar?

The ServiceNow Service Portal can deliver a beautiful, customer-centric, self-service solution: it’s a matter of how it is implemented. Please join us live* on Wednesday, September 11 at 2:00 pm ET (Washington, DC) and we will:

  • compare request portals with service portals (so the difference is clear!)
  • show what a customer-centric experience can look like
  • share best practices and pitfalls on the path to building a beautiful self service IT experience that employees love...while also reducing the work of IT

As always, we will demo some of the concepts discussed live in ServiceNow, and answer your questions during an interactive Q+A session.