ServiceNow is a large, complex code base with a wide range of applications – that changes dramatically every six months.  Beyond that, it is a powerful workflow engine on which you can develop new and enhanced solutions.  These factors can lead to a state where it is hard to keep up with the platform, let alone proactively meet rising customer demand. 

Common challenges many face include:

  • Lack of visibility into upcoming demand
  • Difficulty ranking/prioritizing the demand and communicating that to the customers
  • Difficulty in developing and keeping ServiceNow developers
  • Challenges in keeping customers engaged to support their own development efforts
  • Limited Agile skills, which hampers the end to end software development cycle
  • Poor quality assurance procedures; no tools to audit ServiceNow code quality
  • Poor platform management processes for upgrades/production management
  • Lack of skills and a well-defined process to develop and refine business requirements

If you’d like to understand how to run ServiceNow in a world class manner, please join us for this webinar.

We will cover best practices for capturing and ranking demand, developing high quality business requirements, managing teams' roles and responsibilities, setting and maintaining customer expectations, using the Agile methodology properly, building an effective quality assurance and code audit capability, and running the platform smoothly and accurately.    

And, as always, we will demonstrate some of the concepts discussed in ServiceNow and have a Q&A session.